“Biggest Rota do Petisco ever” in 2022

Algarve gastronomic event shines spotlight on regional cuisine

The biggest version yet of Algarve’s Rota do Petisco (Tapas Route) gastronomic event is due to take place this year, organisers have announced.

“In 2022, we are working to host the biggest Rota ever, capable of reaching the four corners of the Algarve, including again street entertainment and other events,” says Rota coordinator Nuno Vieira.

The 2022 Rota do Petisco will take place between September 14 and October 16. Restaurants and eateries have until June 30 to sign up.

The event has become a hallmark of the Algarve’s gastronomic scene, bringing together hundreds of restaurants and eateries in the Algarve, each presenting a small-sized dish or dessert at a reasonable price. The goal is to encourage clients to discover new places to eat and promote local gastronomy.

Each establishment can either serve a ‘petisco’ (a small-sized savoury dish) or a ‘doce regional’ (regional sweet), as well as a vegetarian option to attract even more visitors.

Making a return this year are ‘Rota dos Chefes’, which will feature signature dishes by reputed chefs using regional ingredients, and ‘Rota do Mundo’, open to restaurants serving international cuisine.

There will also be two novelties: ‘Rota da Memória’ (Memory Route), which will challenge restaurants and eateries to recreate traditional dishes from the past; and ‘Rota das Adegas’ (Wine Cellar Route), which will shine the spotlight on regional wines.

Nuno Vieira is hopeful the 2022 edition will live up to the event’s reputation, especially after it won a national gastronomic tourism award at the Prémio Nacional de Turismo 2021, which recognises the best companies, practices, and tourism projects in Portugal.

“We hope this will once again be an initiative that brings a lot of flavour and entertainment to the whole Algarve, this year with the added responsibility of national recognition,” Vieira said.

The event will also feature a solidarity aspect. To enjoy any of the dishes or sweets on offer, an event passport must be purchased for €1.5. All passport proceeds will go to a series of charities and institutions.