Big snake terrifies residents in Kazakhstan

A three-metre anaconda, which fell off a circus truck on a dusty road, terrified residents of a small village in Kazakhstan for a day.

A box containing the South American snake fell off a circus truck when traffic police briefly stopped it for a document check near the village of Aksu-Ayuly in central Kazakhstan, said Zhanara Ospanova, the village resident.

“A police officer asked the driver to open the back to show what he was carrying,” she said. “Afterward, the driver hadn’t shut the door tightly and when the truck moved, the box with the anaconda fell out.”

Police and emergency services spent a day looking for the non-venomous reptile around the village of some 6,000 residents.

The anaconda was found in a metal box near a roadside cafe on the outskirts of the village.

Source: www.afp.com