Big dog, hot dog! Meet Rafa, Sebby and Rover

Spectacular people who understand larger breeds are required

Sizzling summer temptations! Surely there is a “cool” place for these three adorable big doggies to chill out?

APAA, Association for Protection of Animals Algarve, are keeping more than their fingers crossed for these three fantastic, not-to-be-missed prizes. Three winners needing good, understanding, patient homes.

Spectacular people are required, who understand larger breeds, the complexities of their caring, feeding and exercising. Most important of all, they need people who are willing to give them loads of special love.

‘Rafa’ is a beautiful German Shepherd-type dog. He’s around a year old and in wonderful tip-top condition. Handsome and intelligent, he’s full of energy and trained. ‘Rafa’ may need a little “refinement”, but hey, that’s what re-homing is about – learning about each other. He is friendly, outgoing and desperate for an understanding mum or dad, or both! Originally a dumped dog and temporarily re-homed, Rafa is now looking for the permanent place to hang out and give someone love and pleasure.


‘Sebby’ is seven. He could be an older version of our ‘Rafa’. ‘Sebby’ has a sad story. His owners took him to Pet Park for many years, whilst they returned to the UK on holidays. Unfortunately, during a recent visit, they became ill and unable to return to Portugal. Doggie stranded. Obviously, he is fully trained, understands the walking-talking bits of a canine life. Sebby needs a really good place and a proper snuggle. Are you that special home?

Caroline England knows both these dogs. She says: “I desperately want to find them the right home, for the right reasons. They are lovely, loving animals, with beautiful characters.”


‘Rover’ was found roving around the Alcantarilha area, taken in by a kind-hearted lady who has already an established canine and feline household. He’s a big ‘puppy’, around 10 months old, weighing 20 kilos. He has just been snipped and vaccinated, and is all ready to “go”. He loves company and is excellent with other dogs and cats. He has only one problem. He is tail-less. Oh no! Stumped for an answer? Lost either through an accident, or someone removed it.

Yes, he was a “dumpee” but is a new boy on the block and will need a kind hand, a proper fenced-in area where he can exercise until fully trained. So far, he shows positive signs of loyalty, love and obedience. What more can you want? Fenella says: “At least, he doesn’t wag stuff off the coffee table!” Good point.

For information about APAA, contact Jenny Clarke:

Visit their super Charity Shops:

  • Alvor, Dunas Complex, Monday-Saturday, 10.30am-2pm
  • Silves, Rua Elias Garcias 20, Monday-Saturday, 10am-2pm. Packed with quality goodies. Bring or buy!

Also visit their website and check APAA on Facebook, with Lisa Dowling.

To know more about ‘Sebby’ and ‘Rafa’, email Caroline; for ‘Rover’ email