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Big Apple Christmas bargains

BARGAIN HUNTERS are flocking to New York to buy their Christmas presents – and it’s all thanks to the best exchange rate for almost two years.

Flight bookings to the Big Apple have soared by a fifth when compared to this time last year, Virgin Atlantic said. Cheaper flights are also adding to the savings and the New York Post reports the depressed dollar was turning Fifth Avenue into a “virtual flea market” for European travellers.

“Bookings to New York are up 20 per cent from last year,” a Virgin Atlantic spokeswoman said. “With the exchange rate making such an incredible difference for shoppers you can see why there has been that increase.”

Examples of some of the bargains on offer include a top of the range 80GB video iPod, which currently costs 259 pounds sterling on the UK high street – in the US, it is currently priced at 349 US dollars – just 181 pounds sterling at the current exchange rate. European fashion lovers are also in heaven as they take advantage of cheaper prices for items like designer jeans available at most New York department stores.

Perhaps the biggest bargains are to be had at Macy’s where, in addition to taking advantage of the great exchange rates, foreign visitors get an automatic extra 11 per cent discount off most purchases. Of course, these prices are reflected across the US, so why not plan a transatlantic shopping trip and call us today for our best prices on flights to the States.