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Bicycling to Fátima Sanctuary

TWO HUNDRED people are expected to cycle from Albufeira to Fátima Sanctuary next week.

The fifth Cycling Pilgrimage is being organised by the Associação de Ciclismo do Algarve (ACA), a non-profit association that aims to promote cycling activities in the region.

The ride starts at 11am at Albufeira’s Câmara on Monday, October 9 and participants are due to arrive at the Fátima Sanctuary on October 12, after covering a distance of around 360 kilometres.

The promoters of the event said 200 people had already registered for the ride but the number is not final and many more are expected for this year’s journey to the biggest catholic sanctuary in Portugal.

On the first day, October 9, the participants will go from Albufeira to Castro Verde. On October 10, the group is expected to travel from this village to Montemor-o-Novo, where a special mass service is scheduled for 9.30pm.

On the third stage of the pilgrimage, participants are expected to stop in Alpiarça, before they ride their bicycles to Fátima, on the following day, October 12, and participate at a special service at the Fátima Sanctuary’s main cathedral.

If you would like to know more about this event, please visit: peregrin.htm. This website is only in Portuguese. For further information, please contact the ACA headquarters through the following number 289 463 628.

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