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Beware the Ides of March…

Dear Editor,

…and beware the GNR Traffic Police bearing false information! I was recently stopped at a regular police check and thankfully my vehicle documentation was all in order.

I produced my UK Driving Licence and my duly certified form, issued and stamped by the IMTT in Faro, permitting me to drive on a UK licence. I was then informed that I must have a Portuguese driving licence. I suggested that this was not the case and that my UK licence, together with the form issued under Artigo 122 do Código da Estrada, Decreto-Lei no. 44/2005 de 23 Fevereiro de 2005, allowed me to drive in Portugal.

After consulting a senior officer I was again informed that I must have a Portuguese licence.

Being a law-abiding citizen, I have duly arranged to exchange my licence through the Porta Nova Driving School (great service, highly recommended) in Tavira and duly parted with €54 plus the cost of a medical certificate.

I have subsequently discovered from various reliable sources including Michael Reeve, the top man at afpop, that expat residents can drive on a UK licence as long as they have the previously mentioned form.

Will I be asking the GNR for their Complaints Book? I think not.