Beware of muggers at Intermarché in Carvoeiro

MUGGERS ATTEMPTED to steal a local resident’s handbag in the car park of Intermarché in Carvoeiro on Boxing Day.

Pia Cross fought to keep hold of her handbag and shouted for help, the two attackers fled. She believes they are part of a gang of eight members, two who wait in a car, four who stand in the background keeping watch and two who mug people.

This is not the first time that women on their own have been targeted.

Pia wrote to the manager of Intermarché and received a reply stating that Intermarché had lodged an official complaint against the GNR for their lack of action to put a stop to the gang.

He told Pia that there had been around 15 incidents over the Christmas period alone and, after reading her letter, decided to hire a security guard to patrol the car park.

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