Beware of car thieves

Dear Editor,

On Sunday last, my wife and I enjoyed a pleasant lunch at one of the restaurants on Vale do Garrão Beach, Vale do Lobo, returning after a post lunch walk on the beach to find that our car had been broken into and various items of value stolen.

Talking to others and to one of the restaurant managers, it appears that this is a not an uncommon experience for those parking in the large car park which serves these restaurants and the beach and that there are no CCTV cameras because the authorities, including the GNR, will not agree that they are needed.

Though we have a house in the area, we were using a rental car which, apparently, according to a representative of the company, makes us a particular target for the thieves.

The season is only just getting under way and the toe rags and vagabonds may well be gearing up for rich pickings. I urge those dining in the restaurants in this area or simply parking there for the beach to be vigilant and I also urge the authorities to consider seriously the use of CCTV to prevent such crimes in the interests of the restaurants and their customers and those who use the beach.

Edward Carter