Beware of burglars’ signs

Several notices have been put up around the Caramujeira and Porches areas of Lagoa advising residents to beware of signs painted on their homes or garden walls, which are alleged to be a code to and from burglars about the movements of the property’s occupants.

According to the notices, the various signs such as an arrow pointing upwards means that a house is easy to burgle in the morning, while an upside down arrow means that it is easy to burgle in the afternoon.

A GNR spokesman told the Algarve Resident: “These notices are not official and have not been put up by the authorities. They are emails that are sent around and around. I myself have received one. They cause some panic among the population and every so often people will print them and stick them up in public places.”

The spokesman added: “Residents are advised in any case to remove any strange signs that they see on their homes as a precaution.”

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