Beware! For you tread a perilous path

Aperitivo performance group is holding perfomances of a new murder mystery dinner theatre, entitled “A Fête Worse than Death”, starting this Saturday, May 30 in Tavira.

And this is how it goes… As Mrs. Blavatsky told the detectives, she warned local entrepreneur Mr. Wilcox that death stood behind him, that she had seen his death “with the eyes of the mind, that see things hidden to ordinary men” – but he only laughed and called her a hysterical woman! But now Mr. Wilcox lies dead and Chief Detective Inspector Space and Detective Sergeant Singer are wondering who is to blame.

Mrs. Blavatsky, wearing a gypsy dress and one of her grandmother’s shawls, is to play the part of a gypsy fortune teller at the village fête – but who knows if she had decided to take positive action to prove her own predictions?

Or could the murderer be Lady Letitia Golightly, who the dead man tried to blackmail? Or Miss Micklewhite, who rented her dear little shop from Mr. Wilcox and who was going to be turned out so that Mr. Wilcox could turn the shop into… well! Best not to talk about it!

Or the poet Gilbert Gilbraith, whose slender book of poetry had been criticised in Mr. Wilcox’s newspaper (the Thraxton, Wigmore and Little Deeping Weekly Advertiser)? Or even Mr. Wilcox’s own sister, Miss Wilcox, who was left in penury when Mr. Wilcox inherited all the family money? And then there’s always the Vicar …

Go along and see how Spade and Singer get on with their investigations – helped, of course, by Miss Prunes and Miss Prism from the local library.

Tickets are available for the following performances:

May 30 – Clube de Tavira
June 5 – São Brás Museum
June 6 – São Brás Museum
June 13 – Casa do Povo, Moncarapacho

All performances begin at 7.30, with dinner at 8.30pm. Tickets are €8 for the theatre and €18 including three-course dinner.
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