Better Christmas for local firemen

Four new vehicles for Tavira bombeiros

FOUR NEW fire engines have been added to the fleet used by the Tavira bombeiros.

The firemen now have three new fire-fighting vehicles at their disposal each with a capacity for 3,500 litres of water, suitable for fighting town fires. The fourth vehicle is a high capacity transporter whose tank can carry up to 13,000 litres of water, making it suitable for forest fires and flames covering large surface areas. The council also plans to purchase two ambulances at the beginning of next year.

Loulé bombeiros

receive firefighting truck

CHRISTMAS HAS come early for Loulé’s municipal firefighters in the shape of a new firefighting truck to strengthen the existing fleet. The VTT vehicle is for use in both forest and building fires. The new vehicle has the capacity to transport 16,000 litres of water. The present was given by Loulé Câmara with the aim of reinforcing the bombeiros’ existing fleet, which up until now has only had two vehicles of this type, both of which are old.