Best Jobs for Digital Nomads you can complete from anywhere in the world

Digital nomads: what are the best jobs you can complet from anywhere

The world is ever-changing, ever-developing, and ever-seeking to expand its functionality and improve its flow. Even though there are challenges, such as the recent pandemic, it doesn’t stop, it just moves forward and opens more doors. Among those opportunities, some have taken root and grown in popularity particularly because of those challenges. Of course, we are talking about the digital nomads.

Due to several factors, such as the need for freedom, working remotely, and being tired of office spaces; many people started working remotely and even travelled to other corners of the world where they could have the best of two worlds – exploring and working. That’s how the era of digital nomads began and grew stronger than ever. But what exactly are digital nomads?

The definition

The 21st century is a digital era, offering tons of possibilities for everyone who wants to work remotely. It’s never been easier to work from a laptop, smartphone or any digital device. And the best thing about it is that it can be done from anywhere in the world.

In other words, digital nomads are people who work remotely from anywhere in the world. They defy the concept of the office, proving that it is possible to work while travelling. Having the freedom to choose where to work from and where to live is one of the many benefits of being a digital nomad.

As appealing as it sounds, being a digital nomad comes with its own set of challenges. Naturally, it is not all sipping cocktails at the beach and sun tanning while one has their phone or laptop in their hands. Getting and keeping a client costs a lot of extra hours and pressing deadlines. Of course, they need to work extra hard to secure their income. That being said, one can opt for the following digital nomad jobs that can secure a steady money flow while on the go.


The South of Portugal – where digital nomads find their perfect sanctuary

Being a digital marketer means the world is its office. If looking to travel and work remotely in Portugal, make sure you explore the Algarve region in the South. It offers one of the most stunning sceneries, a pleasant climate, 300 days of sunshine, affordable and comfortable villas for rent, and amazing tax benefits for part-time residents. Also, it is one of the safest regions to live in – rated 3rd safest country in the world to reside.

However, one of the main things that are important to a digital nomad is the accessibility and connection of the place they choose, but also the peaceful ambience. These are just some of the things that have put Quinta dos Vales on the map for such hardworking creatives. Being only a 40-minute drive from the international airport makes it easy for them to both travel here, and make short trips if needed.

With amazing conditions for both short-term and long-term rentals, this wine estate has ensured all the right conditions that fit the digital nomad lifestyle perfectly. Not only does it have a plethora of amenities that would relax them after working long hours, at lunchtime or weekends, such as pools, tennis, paddle tennis, mini-golf, physical exercises etc; but the venue also offers the chance to discover a new hobby – making their own wine, learning how to blend wine, attending solo-wine tastings, in-depth workshops, etc; or simply gazing at the sunset and unwinding. For those that have wanderlust and adventure under their feet, the resort offers different exploring experiences under the motto “Discover the Algarve”.

This winery resort is perfectly located in Algarve, giving digital nomads the luxury to be close enough to explore many hotspots, cultural events, beaches, and fun activities (the nearest towns are within 10 minutes), while also being distant enough to have the much-needed peace for working.

But what jobs can they complete from Quinta dos Vales or anywhere in the world? According to experts, those listed below are ideal for anyone who wants to become a digital nomad.


  1. Programmer

The vast majority of digital nomads are programmers, the most popular of them being website, app and software programmers. Being a programmer is a high-income job and the possibilities for programmers are endless. Talented programmers are always in demand even despite the enormous competition.

The beauty of this job is that it can be done from anywhere – naturally, a stable internet connection is needed.

  1. Website Developer

Website developers are digital artists who build, manage and fix websites. This means that their job in the time of digital era is crucial and those talented developers are needed now more than ever.

With the rise of online selling and shopping, websites need 24/7 maintenance, so finding the right developer is non-negotiable. Web developers, as the job title says, take an internet-based idea and develop it.

Their job is to create the layout, style and manage the many functions of a website. Also, any bugs that might make the website unstable or slow it’s their job to fix it. It’s a job of high responsibility. The work of an app developer is similar to that of a website developer. But because the coding styles and languages are different, the skill sets needed are also different.


  1. App developers

Another trending job that is high-demand. Just like the web developers, an app developer has an idea for a smartphone or a computer app, creates it and develops it. The digital nomad jobs are by definition mainly about coding and developing since all one needs to do this job is a laptop or a smartphone.

After creating an app, its features, layout and look, an app developer’s job is to maintain it, fix it or correct any bugs in its function. Again, as the digital era continues to grow with impressive speed, the need for talented app developers will surely continue to increase.

  1. Social Media Marketer

Living in a digital world, it’s only logical that marketing specialists are one of the highest-demand jobs. Nearly all businesses big or corporate have social media presence, and quality marketing is something of high essence. Social media marketers work on various social media platforms, they build a company’s or an individual’s social media presence, thus making them a vital asset to anyone needing these services.

Their job is to analyse, create and manage the social media presence of those in need of it. It’s obvious that this is one of the most highly-paid, important and of demand digital nomad jobs. Marketers, especially digital marketers are mainly digital nomads since elevating social media presents requires no office presence.

Don’t forget to chek out the website of the amazing resort Quinta dos Vales and explore your accommodation options. Not only does it have both short-term and long-term rentals, but is also perfectly distanced from the ocean to provide peace, while close enough to give access to any town and village nearby. A true haven for digital nomads!

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