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Beoga plays Portimão

Irish band Beoga are performing at TEMPO – Teatro Municipal de Portimão (Grande Auditório Nuno Mergulhão) in Portimão

tomorrow (Saturday) from 9.30pm.

Beoga (gaelic for ‘lively’) are a five-piece band based in County Antrim, Ireland.

Formed in 2002, they have become one of the most popular and influential ensembles in modern Irish music.

Their unique sound features the twin duelling accordions of Damian McKee and multi-instrumentalist Seán Óg Graham, pianist Liam Bradley and four times All-Ireland bodhrán champion Eamon Murray.

In 2005, the lineup was complete, with the addition of Niamh Dunne, one of Ireland’s premier young talents, on vocals and fiddle.

The bedrock of their sound lies firmly within the Irish tradition. However, they are not afraid to incorporate other genres’ nuances into their music.

From bluesy riffs to Astor Piazzola-style jazz, to a raunchy New Orleans jamboree vibe, their music always returns to a wonderfully bouncy Irish sound. The result is traditional, with a huge sense of fun and adventure and it all works wonderfully well.

Beoga have produced three critically acclaimed albums and their 2009 release, The Incident, was Grammy shortlisted for Best Contemporary World Music Album.

Beoga’s new album, How to Tune a Fish, showcases an explosive and quirky new collection of songs and compositions, with the Beoga stamp of creativity present from the start.

Tickets cost 15€.

For more information and tickets reservations, please call 282 402 475 or 961 579 917.