Photo: David Martins

Benfica football games may lose traditional flight of eagles Vitória and Gloriosa

Benfica’s football games are traditionally marked by the flight round the stadium of eagles Vitória and/ or Gloriosa. But animal rights activists think this is completely wrong: the Portuguese arm of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has written to Benfica asking for the club to retire the two birds and let them live in a sanctuary where they can fly wherever they please. “A sports event is not the place for animals”, insists PETA’s vice- president Mimi Bekhechi. PAN, the People Animals Nature Party, agrees with parliament’s only MP, Inês Sousa Real, saying: “what conditions do these animals live in? How are they maintained? Does anyone ask these questions? This may look all very nice, but after the show, where do they go? These are wild animals; their lives should be spent in freedom, not on a perch for people to take photographs…”