Believe that change can happen

There are moments in life when we need to stop, step away and think over.

For most, this need is a result of grief or heartbreak expressed in the form of depression, anxiety, demotivation or loss of interest in life. It is precisely during these periods that our mind tends to become invaded by many fears, insecurities and questions: Why do I suffer? What led me here? Who am I? What is my purpose in life? How do I continue?

When life problems are faced as challenges, these crisis periods can offer unique learning and growth opportunities. By expanding our awareness of ourselves and all that surrounds us, change can happen, enabling one to acquire new ways of coping with adversity.

The therapeutic programme BELIEVE was developed from these assumptions, aiming to lead the individual throughout this process, in situations where he/she can benefit from psychiatric treatment in a context of an in-patient recovery centre. This was the reason why the BELIEVE Admission Unit was created.

The BELIEVE Admission Unit receives adults that deliberately accept to be admitted to treatment for one of the following pathologies:

■ Depression (unipolar and bipolar)
■ Anxiety disorders, including obsessive-compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, social phobia, panic, generalised anxiety, and burnout syndrome
■ Personality disorders
■ Behaviour changes: impulsiveness, isolation, self-mutilation, repetitive drug intoxications, and eating disorders
■ Substance abuse: alcohol dependency among other addictive disorders.

The therapeutic programme BELIEVE, which begins in a recovery centre environment, is based on the conviction that it is possible to overcome psychological disorders while acquiring a new, more conscious and long-lasting psychological equilibrium state.

It defends that “believing” in this possibility enables the development of the acceptance, commitment and personal involvement required to achieve a better version of oneself.

The BELIEVE Admission Unit has a daily agenda, which is set for all seven days of the week, with a variety of different treatments, to help each person individually or in a group, in a safe, calm and quiet, stress-free environment, away from the complications and distractions of daily life.

The therapeutic programme BELIEVE incorporates elements from classic and recent treatment protocols, under the guidance of a team of experienced professionals in a relaxed and flexible programme allowing close individual psychological monitoring and respecting the socio-cultural reality and the beliefs system of each individual.

In addition to the individual psychiatric and psychological treatment provided, other activities are also provided in a group context on a daily basis: occupational therapy (dance, art, video therapies), psycho-education, meditation, group therapy and clinical hypnosis sessions centered in the BELIEVE concept presented in an original form and concept.

Once discharged from the clinic and depending on the patient’s request, the treatment process can continue, either in an out-patient consultation and/or in group therapy concept, mediated by the BELIEVE team.

The BELIEVE Admission Unit is located at the Clínica Particular SIIPEMOR in São Brás de Alportel.

Clínica Particular SIIPEMOR will be opening this summer with various other services and facilities: emergency unit, day care surgery, medical specialties, diagnostic exams, dental surgery and home nursing.

By || Cristina Miguel
[email protected]

Dr Cristina Miguel is a psychiatrist and specialist in hypnotherapy, working at the Hospital Particular in Gambelas and at the Clínica Particular in Vilamoura.