Belgian man with links to Hells Angels arrested in Algarve

A Belgian man suspected of being part of the Hells Angels motorcycle group, which is being investigated for a number of crimes, has been arrested in the Algarve and is being held in police custody.

Authorities in Portugal have been investigating the group since last summer, having already arrested 58 alleged members of the group.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office has been preparing its case against the suspects since Lisbon’s Criminal Court declared the case to be of “exceptional complexity” in January, allowing authorities to keep them in custody for a further six months (until July 18).

The suspects are all accused of several crimes, from “criminal association and attempted murder to robbery, GBH, illegal possession of weapons and drug trafficking”.

The Hells Angels group has existed in Portugal since 2002. Police have been ‘monitoring’ the activity of members ever since, but the investigations into their activity intensified after members of the group attacked members of another group known as Red&Gold, created by Portugal’s far-right extremist Mário Machado, at a restaurant in Prior Velho (Loures, Lisbon).

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