Beer consumption in Portugal falls by 25%

A country known for its capacity for beer-drinking, the truth is that national consumption has dropped a stunning 25% over the last 10 years – and by 22% in just the period 2010-2015. APCV, the association of national beer producers blames the fall on “the generalised brake on spending” but is “relieved” to see figures ‘stagnate’ this year. This still leaves each citizen drinking an average of 46 litres per year, as opposed to the 61 litres registered in 2005.

Rui Lopes Ferreira, president of APCV explains much of the drop in consumption comes from the fact that 63% of beer is sold in restaurants, cafés and bars. With people opting more and more to ‘stay home and cook’, it is “hardly surprising” that this change in behaviour has had a direct impact on sales.

Meantime, the industry has reduced beer production by 11%, he told Público, and has only not had to throttle back more due to exports.

Even so, taxes imposed on the sector have increased by 28% since 2010, and APCV has asked “successive governments” for more tax relief, so far to little avail.

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