Bedtime activity before pitch action?

Dear Editor
The headline jumped off the page, “Athletes perform better if they DO have sex the night before competing…but a good book will slow them down.”
Since the start of our Walking Football for the over 50s, I have suggested that the participants refrain from nocturnal bedtime activities the night before our weekly sessions. I now read a report from the Swinburne University in Melbourne that states “athletes could perform better if they choose to get physical in the bedroom the night before a performance instead of getting involved in complicated exercises where they have to use their brain”.
Dr Clare MacMahon’s research suggests that your brain should be rested before physical activity. I am now in a quandary and intend to suggest to the group that we do our own research with one team abstaining and other team getting physical. If after my wife has read this and I am still alive, I will report back on our finding. I am just off to read “War and Peace”.
Chris Wright
Bernardinheiro, Tavira