“Bedlam at Faro Airport”: Huge queues at passport control

People are fainting while waiting in line

Arriving passengers at Faro Airport this morning are complaining of huge queues at passport control. The situation has been described as so chaotic that several people have fainted.

It’s bedlam at Faro Airport,” one reader said in an email to the Resident.

“My daughter landed today in Faro at 10.05am. She, along with hundreds of others, is still not through passport control. Three and a half hours later, people are fainting. Another six flights landed behind her, she is scared that a riot is about to happen,” the reader added.

Another reader told us that he has missed his flight after 3 hours in the passport queue, with still at least 30 minutes more to go.

The issues may be related to the public workers’ strike which is taking place across Portugal today.

The Resident has contacted Faro Airport and will update this story when we receive a response.

By Michael Bruxo

[email protected]