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Bedding & Towels – what consumers need to know

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When we go shopping for bed and bathroom linens the majority of us are guided by the packaging, or pretty much ‘misguided’ by the packaging. We are lulled into purchasing sheets with beautiful images, described as luxury this or deluxe that, when in reality they are no better than basic or just essential.  It’s a fact that when it comes to buying bedding and towels you will get more of an idea about the quality of what you are buying simply by reading the washing instructions.

If you look at sheets in decorative home stores, as a rule you will find a wash at 40º label, and sometimes no indication for machine drying, this is indicative of a poorer product.  On the other hand, if the washing label is 60º and machine dry, it’s a fact that it’s superior quality and will last.

The Portuguese range of hotel-quality bedding and towels, at, are all washable at 60º and they are guaranteed against shrinkage and bobbling.  So whether you choose to wash at 30º or want to wash at 60º you can be confident that the products are fit for purpose, feel beautiful wash after wash, and will last many years.

We have four qualities of towels in a vast range of colours, the seams are double stitched and the decorative header does not shrink and buckle, if you buy a coloured towel to coordinate with your bathroom or pool furniture you will find that the towels are also resistant to sun and chlorine.

If you are a property management company you can be confident that there is zero risk when recommending our products.  Send your property owners to our highly trained team of client advisors, or come and see us on their behalf, we will find products suitable for the home, hotel or rental properties with a vast range of qualities to meet individual budgets.

We also have logo and labelling services to identify your linen whilst at the laundry – the simple version is a heat pressed label with your name or villa name. If you represent a company or villa we can embroider your logo or villa name or into towels and bath robes or a third option is to emboss a name or logo into the pile of the towelling. Ask at the store, minimum quantities will apply.

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