Become a thriving woman living abroad

Starting a new life abroad is exciting but can be very challenging because, while building your life from scratch, you have to step out of your comfort zone big time. And you haven’t got a circle of support in your new home country yet.

Working as a life coach with internationals for over 20 years, I have learned to know the women in my community very well. I know all about their hopes and dreams, their victories as well as the challenges they face, such a loneliness, isolation, indecisiveness, overwhelm and lack of purpose.

All of them definitely have had moments in which they wondered whether they have made the right decision and sometimes they didn’t know where to source the energy to keep going.

Being an international woman myself and working with women groups for over 20 years, I know that in order to feel good in their skin, women need other women to share, listen, witness and co-create, so that they find their wings.

I can’t stop thinking that this pandemic that we’re all in collectively might be the right time for women, who are longing to renew themselves, to take action.
With the support of a group and the right guidance, any woman can create and manifest something new and purposeful in their life, if they have the tools.

What if you could turn things around?
What if you could redirect the challenging energy you feel and use it as a launchpad for personal growth and self-actualization? Moving abroad makes you open and perceptive to new things and this can be a great opportunity to re-discover yourself, and your power!

What if you used this specific time, being a pre-mover or someone who has recently arrived, to learn insights and information on how to handle the different emotional stages you might be going through?

What if you could learn tools to tune in with what it is that you wanted in the first place? Whether it is inner freedom, finding love, gaining radiant health or creating an unshakable bond with yourself.

This stage of preparing and starting all over can be the exact right time to learn how to create the life you are longing for. And you don’t have to do it alone!

Hold a vision that is bigger than your fears
A big part of my work has to do with helping international women (and men) prepare themselves for the move and making sure they feel safe and supported throughout this exciting new chapter in their life.

Power Circles course – become a thriving woman living abroad
If you need support in figuring out how to use living abroad as a launchpad to create the life you are longing for, and how to become a thriving woman living abroad, this might be for you.

A Power Circles course is a facilitated group where women get together to grow and develop themselves. It is designed for pre-movers and women who have recently arrived.

Personal project, intention or goal
In this 12-week course, we will use a personal project, intention or goal to focus your energy on something concrete and tangible. Starting with a project will set everything you need to learn into motion.

These are examples of a potential focus. It should be something that is important to you and that you desire to manifest in your life, such as:
▪ Moving abroad successfully, including feeling good in your skin
▪ Attracting or deepening love in your life
▪ Earning a good income doing what you love
▪ Regaining radiant health
▪ Creating an unshakable bond with yourself
▪ Finding your purpose, the one thing that will give meaning to your life right now

Women need other women to share, listen, witness and co-create
If you are still reading this article, do allow me to underline that if there is any spark, any desire to be part of a support group of amazing women, if you want to be together with other capable, intelligent women who are on the same journey of rediscovering themselves and creating their best life ever, know that I’m currently opening my doors to help women in my community, both with the Power Circles course as well as with individual coaching.

Free Clarity Coaching Session
Get in touch with me for a complimentary individual Clarity Coaching Session to find out how to move forward in becoming the best version of yourself while magnetising an extraordinary group of support around you.

I wish for all women to find this kind of support for the inner and outer work of being a woman abroad.

By Ria van Doorn
|| [email protected]

Ria van Doorn is a life coach for internationals living abroad and founder of the Expat Centre Portugal.