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Beautiful people eat “ugly” fruit and combat food waste

Lagos Intermarché has launched a new campaign to combat food waste.

Food waste has severe consequences, not only ethical but also for the environment. The unnecessary waste of resources used in the production process and the carbon dioxide and methane emissions resulting from the decomposition of food that is not consumed are all greatly detrimental to our environment.

The truth is that, when grocery shopping, most of us will opt for the so-called ‘perfect’ fruit and vegetables in terms of shape, colour and size. Unfortunately, this ends up restricting consumption to foods that meet certain aesthetic standards and results in a waste of around 30% of what is produced by farmers in Europe.

In an effort to curb and combat food waste at the hypermarket and promote more ethical shopping practices, Lagos Intermarché has a new campaign specifically designed to prove that ‘ugly’ fruit and veggies are just as good as the prettier ones. When visiting the store’s fruit and vegetable section, shoppers will now find boxes with various foods that, at first glance would not be chosen for their appearance, but which are in perfect condition for eating. With a maximum weight of up to 2kg, the content of these boxes is a random selection of produce available at Lagos Intermarché.

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