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Beautiful floors deserve the best treatment

AFTER YEARS of experience in the family business in Holland, Ruud Kip started his own company in the Algarve 10 years ago. Bemlimpo focuses on the cleaning and treatment of floors.

With machines brought from Holland, Ruud’s first jobs were at friends’ houses. Now, 10 years later, he has a long list of clients and several industrial machines to do the job. Bemlimpo provides a specialised service, difficult to compare with many other floor cleaning companies. Working with a team of professionals, Ruud can sort out any problem with your floors and prides himself for using products that are 90 per cent biological and follow ECC standards.

For all types of flooring, the work always starts with an intensive cleaning. Cement layer in new houses, paint stains and old wax layers are removed, however, treatment varies for different types of floors. It is important to mention, though, that the products used allow tiles to breathe, never sealing them completely, which means they are kept in good condition.

• The wet look is achieved with a special product and high-speed machine
• The wet look is achieved with a special product and high-speed machine

The Santa Catarina tile

One of the most used floor tile in the Algarve is the ‘Santa Catarina’. It is a beautiful rustic tile, but also one that should be treated correctly because it is porous, easily absorbing dirt. This type of floor is treated with a sealer, which fills up the pores, and finished with a shine or half-shine wax with UV protection. Another possibility is treatment with an oil-based product.

Marble floor – the wet look

The wet look on marble floors is achieved with a new process called ‘cristalising’. A special product is applied on the floor, after which it is treated with a high-speed machine. The product removes the first, scratched layer of the stone and, with high speed, is applied again. The marble looks like new. Depending on the wishes of the client, the marble flooring can be made half-shine or given the complete wet look. Advantages of the cristalising process are that it makes no mess and your house stays clean.

Other specialised jobs, such as cleaning bathroom walls, kitchen and bathroom surfaces, stairs, tabletops, algae covered terraces and high-pressure steam cleaning of floors, can be carried out by Bemlimpo.

• Ruud can provide you with the best advice for the maintenance of your floors. For a free quote and more information about services provided by Bemlimpo, contact Ruud Kip on 919 856 079.