Beautiful ceremony

The first lesbian marriage of two Portuguese citizens took place recently in Toronto, Canada. Célia Conceição and Anabela Almeida, both ex-bombeiros from Leiria, sealed their five-year relationship with a ‘beautiful ceremony’ at the City Hall in Toronto. Jorge Costa, the best man at the wedding and president of the gay Luso-Canadian association, Rainbow, described the ceremony. “They both looked lovely,” he said. “It was a beautiful and moving ceremony. The guests all cried. This was a very important step for the Portuguese gay community.” According to Jorge Costa, the ceremony was much the same as any other wedding ceremony. “Anabela was the first to leave the house in the morning, so as not to see the bride in her dress before the union. The ceremony took place at the small chapel in Toronto’s City Hall and, after, there was a big party.” At the end of the night, the first Portuguese lesbian brides left for the Niagara Falls to enjoy their honeymoon.