Beat winter cellulite!

FINALLY, A cellulite treatment that does what no creams, potions or surgeries have been able to do – work! Endermology is completely painless, totally non-invasive and amazingly effective. After completing your personalised regimen, you will see a dramatic difference in your skin.

Endermology, available at Estética salons, works to re-contour your skin, creating a firmer, smoother surface and significantly reducing the appearance of cellulite.

Cellulite doesn’t happen on top of your skin, so you can’t wipe it away with a cream. Cellulite forms deep within your skin’s inner layers. Without treatment, cellulite is self-sustaining. Water retention attracts sluggish blood circulation, leading to the stagnation of our metabolic waste, congestion in our connective tissue and the fat cells around this lose elasticity and become fibrous. Using a combination of deep massage with rollers and suction, this machine will work on improving the lymphatic system, re-building connective and fibrous tissue, improving water retention problems and overall appearance of skin.

This treatment is the only American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved machine for the treatment of cellulite. Endorsed by the medical profession and practiced in select salons, endermology is the only treatment you need to try this year. In only 10 sessions of 35-minute treatments, you will see a slimmer, smoother body with firmer skin.

Let Estética help you get your body in shape for the summer. For a free consultation and trial with no obligation, contact one of the Estética salons closest to you. Pestana Alvor Praia, Alvor – Tel 282 400 935; Barringtons, Vale do Lobo – Tel 289 398 775; Sheraton Hotel, Falésia – Tel 289 501 331.