Beachgoers ignoring red and yellow flag alerts face fines of up to €100

After a hectic week on the Algarve’s beaches, maritime authorities have announced that beachgoers who continue to ignore red and yellow flag alerts could face fines of up to €100.

The warning comes after lifeguards up and down the south coast have had to rescue over 15 people caught out by strong waves and currents that assailed the Algarve for the best part of four days.

In Tavira, three swimmers had to be brought back to shore – all of them in their early 30s. Reports explain they had each entered the sea, despite warning flags being clearly visible.

Lifeguard Nuno Serpa has further revealed that even after face-to-face advice from colleagues posted on beaches in order to save lives, people set out regardless – effectively putting themselves and the trained men and women who have to set out after them at risk.

This week, however, the strong Levante conditions that brought rolling waves with them have calmed, and the situation on the south coast’s beaches is less critical.