Beach bars to be demolished

Dear Editor,

Thank you for the additional information about the plans for demolition and redevelopment at Praia do Garrão which you provided in your August 27 edition in response to my letter and others. Though depressing, the information is helpful in giving us some more understanding of what the authorities are seeking to do.

It seems, as one might expect, that you can gain access to official information much more easily than I can, as an individual.

Since I first wrote to you, I emailed Polis Litoral Ria Formosa, S.A. Their reply recommended me to their website on which I can find no detailed proposals for Praia de Garrão and no explanation of the reason for the demolition proposal.

I will keep trying but would be most grateful if you could find out and tell us where the detailed proposals (i.e maps, plans, architectural drawings) can be seen. I realise that the public consultation period has slipped by unnoticed, but I hope the public are allowed to know what is going to be done to replace the present assets to the beach.

Norman Walker


Editor’s note: Dear Norman, please try the following links, where you will find information about the action to be taken at Praia do Garrão.