Beach alert as temperatures soar with no sign of lifeguards

With temperatures reaching around 30º in a number of districts today, ISN – the institute of lifesaving and shipwrecks – has warned that many beaches will be without lifeguards for another month. According to ISN, in the Lisbon area only Cascais beaches have lifeguards. Elsewhere, June 15 has been set as the date by which all beachbars and restaurants should be supplying lifeguards on beaches.

Maritime police are thus under instructions to make beachgoers aware of the risks they may be taking as news reports point to the country needing 4100 lifeguards to secure its beaches.

According to national tabloid Correio da Manhã the problem this year is that courses for young men and women keen to become lifeguards run to as much as 300 euros.

It is a dilemma that has prompted Costa da Caparica concession holders to consider asking local firemen to help secure their beaches from June 1.