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Be the belle of the ball


Now that spring is upon us many women around the world are fast becoming frenzied beings, frantically planning, shopping, organising and fretting about upcoming nuptials as we move into what is deemed to be the official wedding season.

I have heard that a couple in London are planning quite a large do for April 29 but there are thousands of other weddings due to take place over the next couple of months and it doesn’t matter if you are the mother of the bride, a family friend or have simply been invited along to make up the numbers, a wedding day is one that everyone wants to look great on.

The sheer number of cameras alone at a wedding is enough to scare even the most beauty shy of women into a panic about shiny T-zones and cracked heels but with a little preparation everyone can look their best for the big day.

If you are attending a spring wedding, then you have already run out of time to lose that half a stone you promised yourself you would. But never fear: thanks to the invention of super underwear you can be the sleekest version of you possible.

Take your pick from knickers, bodies, slips and everything in between for a slim line silhouette with all of these items now widely available both online and in shops across the region.  

While super knickers are firstly not the most attractive of items and secondly not the cheapest, you may be tempted to pass up on these items but I can assure you that it is worth squeezing yourself into them and the results are instant (my favourite way to lose weight). Just don’t ask me where all the extra lumps go to as I still haven’t worked that out yet!

Now you are instantly slim, it is time to remove any excess hair you may have been cultivating during the winter months.  This is something that needs to be addressed a few days before the wedding to avoid turning up with embarrassing red blotchy, bleeding legs.

There are many great beauticians across the Algarve and waxing and hair removal treatments are now very reasonably priced and, in my opinion, create the best results in comparison to home efforts.

Depending on your budget and time frame, the week before the wedding you could treat yourself to a number of different body treatments to get you ready for the main event but this is down to your own discretion and the only other essential aspect to sort before the big day is your hair.

I would recommend visiting your hairdresser the week before the wedding if you want to have a cut and colour as this gives you time to be able to make sure that it is exactly what you want and to correct anything you may not be happy with in plenty of time.

If you are one of the members of the wedding party then you should also use this time as a final test of the hair style you intend to wear on the day, however a good cut and colour will be enough for most guests at the wedding to be able to shine on the day.

When it comes to the actual big day in question, you should wash your hair the day before and not on the day as the natural oils of the hair create the best shine and a glossy look without the need for any extra products.

Everyone has their own make up style but there are a couple of top tips to remember to make sure you look your best.

Firstly, don’t forget to use waterproof eye makeup. I challenge anyone not to cry at a wedding, however, there is nothing worse than panda eyes or black tracks dripping off your chin!

Secondly, weddings are invariably a very long event so make the most of long lasting options on the market, especially when it comes to lipstick.  Try to pick a brand that offers all day colour that you only have to reapply moisturiser to for a consistent look all day.

Finally, work as a team.  Buddy up with another guest to the wedding and ask them to let you know when your makeup needs a touch up and you should be able to breeze through the whole celebration looking the best you possibly can.

Now the only thing you have to remember is not to enjoy too much champagne…