Be inspired to enhance your home and garden

news: Be inspired to enhance your home and garden

AQUATICS are the first water feature, garden and swimming pond specialists to hit the Algarve. Directed by James Farbrother, AQUATICS design, construct and maintain their products and are based on the EN125 at Selões Quatro Estradas near Almancil.

Having moved to Portugal from England after extensive research, James found that the Algarve was in desperate need of reliable, high quality water features. With a comprehensive range available in marble, stainless steel, stone, copper and many other materials, their contemporary, traditional, stunning and subtle designs come in a variety of sizes.

As you enter the shop, the sound of running water, intriguing designs and innovative illuminations, inspire you to enhance your home and garden. However, if your imagination needs a bit of help, James and his team are happy to come to your property, free of charge, and discuss what kind of water feature or pond would best suit your garden. With the up-to-date technology of James products you can even have them inside your house, as a central feature in your hallway or a welcoming sight on your porch.

AQUATICS have their own design section, customising any feature to suit clients particular requirements. After designing the feature, they will then come and install it and with their maintenance service, regular cleaning, pump, jet, internal pipe and filter adjustments, will keep your feature, garden or swimming pond (a natural, chemical free alternative to a swimming pool) in tip-top condition all year round. All products come with the necessary filtration and lighting systems.

If you are looking for a pond, James will supply it as well as plants, fish and the various products needed to keep your water healthily balanced, oxygenated and filtered. With the specifically designed maintenance programs you may never need to worry about sludge, blanket weed or algae ever again.

Water features are James’ passion; over 10 years dedication to them in the UK shows this and now he hopes to inspire the residents of Portugal with his expertise. As well as catering for the home, James also supplies hotels, golf clubs and other corporations with water features as well as keeping public features clean and in good working order. James imports parts from the UK and Germany, ensuring high standards are met and quality is always at its best.

AQUATICS opening night is not until June 3, however, James has been surprised at just how many enquiries they have already received.

To give your garden or home that relaxing feel of water gurgling in the background or fish happily swimming away, give James a call on 289 399 915, or visit to make that dream a reality.