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Be gorgeous this Valentine’s Day

By DAISY SAMPSON [email protected]

Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is upon us, so why not use this as the perfect excuse to pamper yourself, or your partner, with some of the latest products on the market.

By giving yourself a home make over you can instantly feel more confident, attractive and sexy, making this the perfect time to treat yourself, or, even better, to get someone else to treat you to one or more of the latest products in the shops.

Go all out and pick up something from a leading designer or if you don’t have as much to spend, then there are plenty of more affordable options out there that will equally provide you with a boost during these long winter months.

Nothing shouts glamour louder than a vibrant lipstick and being as it’s Valentine’ Day why not be brave and opt for a fiery red reminiscent of the old Hollywood starlets?

At the upper end of the price range Sisley have re-released their classic Hydrating Long Lasting Lipstick in 22 luscious shades from Rose Baby Doll for sweet kissable pink lips to Rouge Ruby for show stopping red priced from €36.50.

Buying a fragrance for Valentine’s Day needn’t take its toll on your wallet.
Buying a fragrance for Valentine’s Day needn’t take its toll on your wallet.

For Valentine’s shine then the L´Óreal Glam Shine range is always a winner and can be yours for as little as €14.79. This fun and flirty product moisturises lips while the gloss effect leaves you with a plumped look and an irresistible pout.

If less is more and making a high impact statement really isn’t your style, then the hint of colour provided in a tinted lip balm such as the Labello Cieiro Rose stick retailing at under €2 is an everyday alternative to a full lipstick.

Of all the senses, smell is one of the most important, with smell associations able to conjure up memories and alter feelings, this may account for why it is such a popular gift choice for Valentine’s Day while it is also a great way to instantly lift your mood.

Why not treat the man in your life for Valentine´s Day
Why not treat the man in your life for Valentine´s Day

Perfumes are notoriously expensive. However, there are some very reasonable Eau de Toilette sprays on the market at the moment including Pink Sparkle POP from Australian pop princess Kylie Minogue priced from €13.

Pink Sparkle POP features notes of pink pepper, apple, peach, marigold and ambrosia and its pink bottle is both fun and romantic.

If you don’t think that you would be able to wear any

perfume which combines the words “pink” and “sparkle” then perhaps the new range from Women´secret would be more appealing.

This line is again affordable, priced from €12.30 and available from outlets across the Algarve, and comes in three different formats; Sea, Sunset and Garden.

Bring the spa to you with a Spa in a Bag set.
Bring the spa to you with a Spa in a Bag set.

These are light fragrances with each designed for a different moods but all very feminine in their notes, especially the Garden scent which manages to combine a fresh scent with sensuality.

For a complete overhaul then a visit to a spa would be wonderful, however if you are looking to bring the spa to your own bathroom for Valentine’s Day then Caudalíe has the answer.

The aptly named Spa in a Bag, does exactly what it says – provides all you need in one simple bag priced at €40.

Choose from the Vinothérapie bag, which uses grapes as the base for the products, or from the Corps de Rêve bag, which includes the Crushed Cabernet Scrub and a bag of detoxifying tea which is served in spas and promises to make you feel instantly healthier and refreshed.

Valentine’s Day may focus on all that is pink and fluffy but there is no reason why you can’t treat the man in our life to a lotion or potion that will make him feel great too.

Spanish design house Loewe has come up with a selection of gift packs which represent their mixture of the contemporary and the modern with four different sets to choose from.

Each pack contains a fragrance from Loewe, shaving foam and hydrating gel and comes with a stylish wash bag.  With four different signature fragrances to chose from there is bound to be one to match your man this Valentine’s Day priced from €82.50.

Single or attached, make this Valentine’s Day your chance to shine and feel great.