António Costa
Mr Costa is keen to show the results of his government, and today's inauguration is one of the results, increasing senior care capacity in Almada. Image: @antoniocostapm

Bazooka recovery plan will enable 30% increase in senior beds

“We could never have done this without Brussels funding”, says PM

Back focusing on ‘the future’ and Portugal’s ‘recovery’ powered by Brussels’ funding, prime minister António Costa has said today that Portugal will have a 30% increase in the number of care home places for the elderly at the end of the implementation of the PRR process.

Mr Costa was speaking at the inauguration of the Nossa Senhora da Piedade (continuous care) residence, in Cova da Piedade, in the municipality of Almada, in Setúbal.

The municipality is to get 80 new beds for the elderly, in a total investment of €8 million, of which €2.7 million is coming from the PRR.

We would never have the capacity, in such a short time, to increase by 30% the supply of beds for the elderly if we didn’t have the PRR”, the PM conceded, saying the project had shown an “extraordinary mobilisation of all society”.