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Bath time

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NIVEA HAS created a new range of bath and shower care products for daily use.

A study by the Rheingold Institute showed women generally take longer in the shower because they use the time to concentrate on their thoughts. For them, a shower is more of a luxury to help restore energy levels.

Nivea Bath Care Happy Time was developed for women, not just for the skin but also for the spirit. The subtle blend of bamboo milk transforms into creamy foam, leaving the skin with a feeling of silkiness. The gel has a soft, fruity aroma with orange essence and costs around 4.40 euros.

Where women like to take time for themselves in the shower, men prefer to use the time as efficiently as possible – in, wash and out! Nivea has created Bath Care Sport for Men, a new gel with an innovative bottle that can be used for hair and body. The gel is designed to stimulate the senses and costs around 2.60 euros.

Two other new Nivea shower products include Lemon & Oil shower gel and Natural Oil Bath Care.