Basketball ref undeterred by violent assault

Despite having been violently attacked last week at the end of a match in Slovenia, Portuguese basketball ref Luís Lopes says he is in for the long haul.
Even so, in interview with sports newspaper O Jogo, he admits he has never before experienced such an outburst.
It all happened after Lopes gave some unpopular calls in a match between a home team and a visiting Ukrainian team.
A Slovenian supporter – reportedly a locally-famous singer – dodged security while Lopes was being escorted off the court, and thumped him on the back of the head.
The situation could have escalated but authorities were able to fend off angry protestors as the ref of 27 years ran smartly into the locker rooms.
Lopes later criticised the pavilion’s lack of security but confirmed that no other acts of violence followed.
The Portuguese Basketball Federation has expressed its “unconditional support” for their man, who is set to referee again on Wednesday (at the time we go to press).