Campo de Basketball, Praia da Rocha 1.jpg

Basketball danger

I recently visited Praia da Rocha’s sports area, spurred by curiosity from a letter in one of your previous editions.

Every now and again, I like to bring out my basketball and shoot some hoops with a group of friends though I usually play in a court outside of Alvor’s sports complex.

But I was indeed surprised to see the state of the court in Praia da Rocha. It’s hole-ridden and I can’t see how anyone can use it without knowing they are at risk of breaking a leg.

Would it be very hard to find a sponsor for the court, someone who could help restore it and not leave it as an accident waiting to happen?

I know that there are more serious things to worry about, but the truth is that the court is a serious hazard and something should be done soon.

Ricardo Manuel
By email