Baseball at Casuals

news: Baseball at Casuals

THE CASUALS’ Lisbon Baseball Club (LBC) team took part in the first games of the new season at Casuals Sports Club in St Julian’s School (Carcavelos) recently. LBC beat Bravos do Luso 23-9 in the first game of a triple-header. LBC players who scored the most runs were Ricardo Barata, Alexandre Nieuwendam and Dmitry Krasnevksy. However, LBC lost to White Sharks de Almada, in its afternoon game, 11-4. Highlights of the game go to Carlos Tavares (Almada, ex-LBC), who hit two home runs, and Nelson Rodrigues, who struck out 8 Almada batters. Almada won its game against Bravos do Luso 16-6, placing Almada at the top of the “Série B” league table.