Barry and Carol Minter.jpg

Barry and Carol Minter

We may no longer be those little children who always wanted another hug or minute with you, but we still miss you when we are apart.

We may no longer need your hand for every step we take, but we still need your acceptance and support of everything we do.

We may not be those little children who asked for all the things we ever wanted in the world, but that’s because long ago you taught us how to go after our dreams.

We may no longer be those little children who looked to you to share every hurt, smile and tear, but we still feel like those children whenever we think of you …

We’ll always love you, Mum and Dad, with the hearts of those little children grown to love you only more.

Congratulations on your 40th wedding anniversary with love from your children David, Nikki and Donna and the whole of The Resident staff!