Barringtons boasts another beauty

In association with The Resident, Barringtons hosted its annual Wellness in Action Day last Sunday featuring a veritable galaxy of treatments, covering the full gamut of conventional medicine through to holistic healing and palmistry.

Among the treatments, therapies and classes on offer were: yoga, pilates, homeopathy, spa treatments, saunas, Thai massage, detoxification, dentistry, chiropody, nutritional advice, hair salons, beauty care and chiropractic treatments – to name but a few – as well as an abundance of very tasty health foods.

There were special beds for arthritis sufferers, back care master classes and dribbling competitions for football-mad youngsters, organised by Montechoro’s Destination Football. Venezuelan David Gallegos and Portuguese dancer Teresa Vargas, both resident Barringtons instructors, performed an entertaining salsa master class in the gallery, and there was also a belly dancing display and golf tips from professionals on the green. In total, there were around 40 stalls offering various treatments, as well as other stall-holders selling sportswear, fashion accessories and assorted creature comforts.

One of the highlights of the day was a fashion show organised by Dutch dresser Jouk, who runs a studio near the International School in Porches. The models, embracing a wide range of ages, were all Jouk’s clients and were representative of all shapes and sizes. “I buy the outfits from Holland, Germany and France, but the hats are made by a Swiss lady named Adelheiu who lives and works in the Algarve,” Jouk told The Resident reporter, Gabriel Hershman. The day was very well attended and hailed as a great success by participants and visitors alike.