Maria Simiris
Maria Simiris

Barlavento reporter earns honourable mention

Article about ‘pregnant women and mental health during pandemic’ highlighted

Barlavento reporter Maria Simiris has earned an honourable mention at a national journalism contest for her article ‘Projeto em Faro promove saúde mental nas grávidas da pandemia’ (Project in Faro promotes mental health among pregnant women during pandemic) published in the October 7, 2021 edition.

The honourable mention was attributed during the eighth journalism contest ‘Os Direitos da Criança em Notícia’ (Children’s Rights in News).

According to the jury members, the journalist “tackled a matter of great significance for the future well-being of children”, given that pregnant women were amongst the people most affected psychologically by the pandemic.

It was the only accolade awarded in the category of ‘regional press’ by the organising entity – the Forum on the Rights of Children and Youth.

“This is yet another distinction that, while symbolic, places us at the level of the best journalism produced in Portugal,” said Barlavento editor Bruno Filipe Pires.

“We want to bring to each edition of this weekly paper something that dignifies our title, our profession, and our region, the Algarve. In this article, we promoted an initiative that could have easily been overlooked, but which had an innovative side and showed what the national health service can do, even during the most critical times,” added Bruno Filipe Pires.

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