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Bar Charly under new management

Bar Charly, located in Edificio Margão near to the GNR station in Carvoeiro, is now under new management.

The bar has long been known for offering customers the opportunity to sit and relax and enjoy the sunset over the cliffs of Carvoeiro and the new management intend to continue to offer this and more.

“We really do have the best beach and sunset view in Carvoeiro and instead of standing in the square to listen to live music every night, you can sit in the bar and enjoy the entertainment in comfort,” said Silvano Pina from Bar Charly.

Currently the bar is open daily from 5pm until 1am, however, Silvano has plans to extend these opening hours to begin at 10am until 1am.

He said: “We want to start opening earlier to offer people the chance to have a drink and enjoy the views by day while we also plan to start offering light snacks in the coming weeks.”

For further information about Bar Charly, please call 917 602 297 or email [email protected].