Bar Chaminé grand reopening

After being closed for over two months, Bar Chaminé in the square in Ferragudo will be reopening to the public on March 3.

In celebration of the complete refurbishment of the bar, partners Ashley da Costa and Raphael Carlsen will be hosting an opening party that day with live music from the N Band from 9.30pm.

“We have completely refurbished the entire bar,” said Raphael Carlson, “from basic infrastructure changes to the décor, which is now a mixture of modern design and rustic features.”

The party is open to everyone with no entrance charge and guests are invited to visit the bar and dance to disco classics played by the live band throughout the evening.

During March, the bar will be open from 5pm until late and from April it will open from 10am until late, serving both food and drinks in the centre of Ferragudo.

For further information, please call Ashley Da Costa on 913 341 921.