Banking “Mourinho” in hot water after Sun exposes sexy Singapore holiday

Portuguese banker António Horta Osório – executive president of Lloyds of London on a salary that paid him €15.8 million in 2014 – is in major hot water this week after a UK tabloid has revealed he spent “several days” with his secret mistress in a luxury hotel in Singapore. Osório, known as the Special One of the banking world, has always portrayed himself as a whiter-than-white family man and devoted husband.

Thus the Sun’s revelations have done nothing for his image, particularly as the tryst (as the paper calls it) appears to have gone ahead on company time.

Said a source from the prestigious bank: “If António has been using Lloyds money to fund a trip where he has met his mistress in his hotel room then taxpayers and shareholders will take a very dim view indeed. This is very risky behaviour.”

Even if he was paying for it personally, he was nevertheless on official bank business at this time and at a time when Lloyds has come under pressure both pre- and post- Brexit it shows very poor judgement indeed.

On Wednesday, pressure appeared to be growing for Osório to resign, though the banker was described as “clinging to his reputation” and backed by bosses in Lloyds who confirmed the affair was a “personal matter” and as far as they were concerned there had been no breach of the company’s expenses policy.

It has not helped matters that Osório’s alleged mistress is a woman who used to be a special adviser to former UK prime minister Tony Blair.