Banker accused of embezzling €74,000 in VRSA

A former manager of a Barclays bank agency in Vila Real de Santo António has been formally accused of embezzling €74,000 from clients’ accounts.

He faces 92 charges, including “abuse of confidence” (one), forging documents (51) and computer-related fraud (40).

According to Faro’s department of investigation and legal action (DIAP), the crimes occurred between 2011 and 2014.

His modus operandi included falsifying client’s signatures and using access codes from other employees to embezzle the money.

If a client became suspicious, he would transfer the money he had stolen back to the account, but using another client’s money.

The banker would apparently take advantage of the fact that clients trusted him and would choose to steal from those who did not use the online banking service, and thus would not control their finances as much.

Faro’s DIAP adds that Barclays decided to reimburse all the money that had been stolen from clients’ accounts.

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