Bank robbed in Vale do Lobo

A BANK was robbed in broad daylight in Vale do Lobo (Loulé), last Monday, by a man carrying a gun concealed in a newspaper.

The thief, reported to be a black man with a moustache, of around 30 years of age and 1.80m in height, apparently walked into the luxury resort’s branch of Finibanco at around 1pm and demanded staff hand over the cash in their tills. After obtaining around 4,000 euros, it is reported that he calmly walked out of the branch, like any customer, although it is unknown if he had a car parked nearby in order to make a quick getaway.

Staff from the branch, which is located in a very quiet area, contacted the police immediately to report the incident and an investigation is under way.

The Resident contacted Finibanco at Vale do Lobo, where a spokesman confirmed that no one was hurt in the raid, although the member of staff was clearly shaken by the incident. The branch manager refused to comment.

Crime wave continues

This is just the latest incident to take place in the Almancil area of Loulé, where crime levels appear to be worsening over recent months. Last weekend, two Portuguese men, 20 and 25 years of age, and a 26-year-old Moldavian were arrested by Loulé GNR suspected of two house robberies in Ludo and Vale Judeu (Almancil), where the homes concerned were virtually cleared out. The thieves stole sofas, a dishwasher, a television, assorted furniture, a DVD player and even an eiderdown.