Bank overcharge

Dear Editor,

I want to share a rant with your newspaper about a certain event that troubled me a couple of days back. A cheque for just under €9 has cost me over €30, due to a misplaced signature.

The bank, which shall remain nameless, took the liberty of charging me a fee due to this misplaced signature without consulting me directly.

My home phone number was contacted while I was at work, and one of my family members was requested to inform me that I was obliged to go there that same day.

However, even if I could, I would only have had about 30 minutes before the bank closed.

You can imagine my surprise when I received a letter at home a couple of days later telling me €30 had been deducted from my account.

Seriously? I would have preferred them tear up the cheque on the spot than charge me three times its value!

I am pretty sure this bank won’t have me as a client for much longer after I give them a piece of my mind!