Bank of Portugal issues bizarre message about hairdresser from Queluz

Adding to its current image of bathos (click here), the Bank of Portugal (BdP) has issued a statement warning people about using the financial services of a hairdresser from Queluz.

The fact that anyone would presume to get financial advice from a hairdresser is bizarre enough on its own. But for the central bank of a developed country to actually issue a warning about it takes the story to a level akin to Monty Python.

The way in which national media has taken it up also appears to poke fun at BdP.

Says Observador: “The BdP has advised that Nené Quadé Sanhá cannot furnish financial services, namely send funds to and from abroad, as there is a list of entities qualified to this effect”.

Nené “acts under his own name or through the Nené Fashion Hair Shop, situated in the Queluz-Belas commercial centre” says the website, and has no authorisation whatsoever to “exercise any financial activity”.