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Bandits blighted by bikers


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TWO THIEVES were left regretting their decision to rob a club in Sydney, Australia, after they realised a little too late that the venue was packed with bikers.

When the pair stormed into the club wearing balaclavas and brandishing machetes, they ordered patrons to lie on the ground and surrender their money without realising that there were 50 bikers in the next room.

One of the patrons managed to run to the next room to tell the bikers that the club was being robbed. A group of them then ran round the outside of the building to the front door to wait for the bandits to come out.

When one robber ran out, he was tackled but he managed to dodge the first line. He did not get far as he was caught seconds later by more bikers and hog-tied on the ground while the police were called.

The other thief managed to escape but was later arrested.