By Graham Stewart

Balance is a key factor for consistent golf. I often see players who lose their balance after a shot even on flat ground; playing from a sloping lie accentuates the problem.

I have discovered a new teaching aid that can improve your balance and in turn improve your consistency.

The Balance Rod is a tube of foam covered with a nylon bag. A plastic one inch pipe would suffice or an old umbrella would also work.

Standing on the Balance Rod makes it more difficult to keep your balance. It causes an initial imbalance that will force your body to use your legs to stabilise.

Stand with the balance rod just in front of your heels and find your balance, your body will start to adjust automatically.

Begin hitting smooth, half-swing shots. After several swings, you will begin to feel more comfortable. The adjustments are being made.

Once comfortable, move into a full swing being aware of your balance.

After 10 minutes remove the Balance Rod and hit shots. Notice how solid you feel.

This is a great tool for chipping and putting as well.

Next time you play, set a goal that you are going to keep your balance after EVERY shot. See if you lose your balance when trying to hit the ball too hard.

Balance is a key factor for consistent golf.

Next week: Part 1 of 4 key principles for better putting

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