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Balaclava bandits hit Lagos petrol station


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Two ARMED thieves held-up a Lagos petrol station on Sunday night, taking an estimated 30,000 euros. Portimão Polícia Judiciária (PJ) are now investigating the incident.

The two men, thought to be of Brazilian nationality and aged 25-30, caught the TOTAL petrol station staff by surprise just after closing time.

Manager Manuel Pereira, 60, and his son Marcelo, 38, had just finished closing up after a busy and profitable weekend, when the two men appeared on the scene and cleaned them out.

This is the third time the TOTAL petrol station, just off the Lagos A22 exit roundabout, has been held up in just over four years, although this was the first time a gun was used. The two previous incidents were cases of forced entry and consequent theft.

“We had already closed up when two men with a Brazilian accent and their faces covered, got out of a black Opel Corsa that was parked in the area,” said manager Manuel.

Manuel, clearly shaken by the ordeal, told how he hadn’t even had time to react as the gun wielding thief jumped him. He said: “They held a revolver to my head, demanding all our money.”

Simultaneously, the second assailant branded a knife to Marcelo’s neck.

Under investigation

Lagos PSP took over the scene on Sunday night to gather evidence of the crime. The petrol station manager filed a criminal complaint with the Portimão Criminal Investigation Department (CID) on Monday afternoon. Investigations are now being carried out by the PJ.

Manuel Pereira is now preparing to install CCTV equipment on the premises in an attempt to dissuade further theft, admitting it is always better late than never.

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