Bakker honours the brave

news: Bakker honours the brave

As part of the 60th commemoration of the Battle of Arnhem, which took place in Holland on September 18, Britain’s Prince Charles received a sculpture of ‘Pegasus’, the symbol of the British Airborne division. The sculpture was created and presented in person by the famous Dutch artist and Algarve resident, Jits Bakker. Prince Charles commented that he was both pleased and impressed by the artist’s work.

The Battle of Arnhem is remembered every year in September and, 10 years ago, during the 50th commemoration of the battle, Prince Charles was present at the unveiling of a life-size sculpture called ‘Liberty’, which resembles a parachutist. Jits Bakker also created this sculpture and presented the Prince with a scaled down version.

Jits explains that he is particularly connected to Arnhem. He was a seven-year-old child when he witnessed the battle there and remembers seeing the parachutists landing and, later, fighting. He says he will never forget the brave men who fought to liberate his country and who were the inspiration he needed to create ‘Liberty’.